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Deep, deep crying…

I’ve essentially spent the weekend on my couch.I convinced myself to do some chores Sunday afternoon. While hyperfocused playing games on my tablet, I would just start deep, tears running down my face, crying. These are tears of a person in a deep grievig cycle. I met Frank two days after my sister passed away unexpectedly 3 years ago. Though it was the worst time of my life, to date, Frank and I fell for each other. I couldn’t get enough of him. I thought he felt the same. After about a month into our relationship, he pulled a 180. He became very moody and played the “come here, go away” game. It broke my already broken heart, from losing my sister. I asked Frank what was wrong and I got the ole, I got scared speech. 

Well, we contined seeing each other, we are very sexually attracted to one another. Over time, it turned into a friends with benefits relationship. 

Going foward 3 years, I suspect I am still in love with Frank. I don’t know if it’s deep sadness and sorrow I’m experiencing today because Frank moved to Colorado last week, or if I’m finally grieving my sisters death. 

Frank was over at my house 2 Monday’s ago, we made love and hung out afterwards. I made us popcorn and we cuddled on my bed. It came time for him to leave and at my door I asked if I’d see him again before he headed out to Colorado and he started nervously, quickly heading for my door and was saying how busy he was going to be, he gave me a quicker hug than usual, and went on his way. I haven’t heard from him since. I suspect he knew that was it. There was no lingering, heartfelt goodbye… he simply went on his way.

Two weeks later and it’s over, the end. I’m left sitting in my deep sadness, feeling deeply rejected and abandoned. To go from texting and talking and seeing each other throughout the week, to complete silence. I am so inflated. I just don’t understand how people just dispose of one another. I know I will never see him again, and at some point, I must reach some level of acceptance. I am heartbroken.  



57, live in Arizona with 2 chihuahuas and I love football. #birdgang

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