Anne’s disrespect…

I’m not the slightest bit surprised by Anne showing her true colors. It was a matter of time. SRP went lazy by promoting her to a management position. They didn’t want to invest the time to hire an adequate professional who would come into a damaged, highly abused group of wounded souls and treat us with respect. Basic kindness.

Anne is the most arrogant people I’ve ever met. She looks down her nose at everyone while carrying her know it all attitude. Now that she has the title- Lord have mercy on our soul.

I went to a lot of heartache, stress, anxiety, and the like addressing the Mellissa nightmare. I will be damned if this bitch is going to treat me like a piece of crap. I have no choice but address what I felt during staff tonight. I asked an innocent question and her response, in front of everyone, was, “weren’t you in the meeting?” How fucking condescending. I should never be spoken to in such a manner, especially in front of my peers. Number one, she’s teaching my peers it’s ok to disrespect and humiliate me, number two, if I allow it, I’m teaching them that it’s ok to speak to me in such a manner.

I will address this first thing in the morning. I will let her know I felt disrespected and humiliated when she rediculed my question. I should never be afraid to ask a question. Fuck her if she thinks I’m going to kiss her ass. I am not impressed with her title. The only reason she’s in that role is because I had the balls to address Mellissa’s embezzlement. Anne should be kissing my ass.

She means nothing to me, nothing. Teri, do not back down. Look her in the eyes and teach her how to treat you. Let her know you’ll treat her with the same respect she shows you. You’ve got this.

When I’m in fear it’s because I’m relying on my own strenghth. God will hold my hand.